Speakers come in a variety of configurations, price ranges, and sound timbres. Sometimes you just have to hear the speakers side by side for a comparison. Sometimes you have to hear the speakers in your home.
You can have the audio controls function as simply or be as sophisticated as you want. From wall mounted audio keypads to handheld controls. From Bluetooth to RF to WiFi, there are plenty of choices. What makes sense to you, is our goal with your home system. Call us with all of your questions.
Connect your TV room to play the "Big Game" out on the patio. Watch the latest DVDs streaming over the internet on any television. Listen to a radio "simulcast" while watching the video portion on the TV. Integration of several components or systems makes for simple luxury.
And Now ... Cord Cutting with Antennas

Antennas Direct wants you to know that over the air television is not dead and cord cutters are headed back to broadcast. The company has seen double-digit growth in each of the past eight years, with 2010 revenues hitting $8.7M and 2011 forecast at $21M. Said company president Richard Schneider, “This year we are on pace to liberate nearly 1 million Americans from an unhappy relationship with their pay TV provider while putting over $1.1B annually back in the pockets of our customers.
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