It's a proven fact that alarm system users have taken a great step in detecting intrusion and the early warning of fire.

When you have an alarm system installed by a professional, you will receive proper instruction on its use. Arming and disarming the system should be easy to learn and these instructions must be passed on to ALL persons who have a key to your home or business--employees, children, grandparents, neighbors, and don't forget the cleaning help and delivery staff.

Your security system will be designed and installed to be trouble free for your specific daily routine. It will provide you easy protection for your home and loved ones or your business. However, improper use can result in false alarms. Summoning the police or fire department when no real emergency exists is called a "false alarm".

Some simple steps must be taken to make sure that your system works false alarm free:

Make sure all protected doors and windows are closed and locked.

Do not block the sensing path of any detection devices.

Leave your home/business promptly after "arming" your system and disarm your system promptly when entering.

If you make an error on entering your keypad code, wait several seconds before trying again.

Keep your alarm company up to date on changes to your keyholders who would respond with the authorities in your absence.

Use alarm company decals on doors and/or windows.

Have your security system periodically tested by your alarm professional.

Make sure your alarm company has up to date phone numbers for verifying burglar alarm signals.

And finally, if you accidentally trip your alarm system, follow your alarm company's specific procedures for canceling the dispatch.